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6th China Forum & 1st Global Young Leaders Union

17. Nov. 2023

The 6th China Forum was a hybrid event that attracted more than 350 participants.

More than 350 visitors followed trend-setting and multi-perspective presentations by the speakers at the 6th China Forum & 1st Global Young Leaders Forum, which was held in English for the first time, at Graz University of Technology and in front of the screens in virtual space.

Under the guiding theme "Belt & Road: EUROPE MEETS CHINA", sixteen speakers presented innovative ideas and current approaches from the fields of green energy, circular economy and digital culture. Keynote speaker Prof Dr Horst Treiblmaier kicked things off with his insight into blockchain technology and the different approaches to the topic in China and Europe. Further presentations from the fields of science, business, culture, didactics, entrepreneurship and sustainability followed in order to offer the audience an interdisciplinary view of future developments and provide incentives for cooperation and strategic partnerships between Austria/Europe and China.

The Global Young Leaders Forum was integrated for the first time, offering networking opportunities for young entrepreneurs as well as the chance to exchange ideas and expand their knowledge. With the appointment of ambassadors for various countries around the world, the forum set an important milestone for the Global Young Leaders Union towards becoming a globally active network.

The vision of promoting solidarity, cooperation, innovation and tolerance was also underlined by the guests of honor at the event in their opening speeches. We would like to thank the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China Qi Mei, the Vice-Rector of East China Normal University Prof. Gu Hongliang and all guests from China as well as Federal Councillor Christian Buchmann, Rector of the University of Graz Dr. Peter Riedler, Rector of Graz University of Technology Prof. Dr. Horst Bischof and all participants for their support and their attendance at the 6th China Forum & 1st Global Young Leaders Forum in Graz.

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